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Tired of being hostage to funding sources?

  • Might your bank limit your credit just when you need it most?
  • Do you see more profit-making opportunities than you can afford to pursue?
  • Do you harbor a secret fear of new growth which requires putting all that you have at risk?

Might you operate differently with:

  • a safety net?
  • some personal liquidity while retaining ownership control?
  • control to pursue the business you really love?

What if you could get cash to keep control of the business you love to grow?

Few growth strategist and funding experts are laser focused on the unique needs of companies in the $3-30 million growth phase. Companies in the $3 to $30 million take-off stage are Stefania’s passion. That is the niche she founded CapitalLinkUSA to serve.

If you have revenue of $3-$30 million, you are at one of the most critical stages of your company’s growth. The Cash And Control System makes it extremely easy (and exciting) to get on the road to safer, faster, more profitable growth.

Contact Stefania Aulicino, President of CapitalLinkUSA. for a mind-opening exchange about your company and your goals. It's a chance for you to get a sense of her proven, yet contrarian approach. The innovator of the Cash And Control System, Stefania personally works  with only a handful of companies a year because of her commitment to your success. Clients say she is “passion in action” and uniquely gifted as “match-maker” who selects the right capital sources who wants you in control . Either way, you want her as your advocate in this important process where chemistry is as important as valuation.

“Stefania just raised $6 million for my company which had $4.5 million in annual revenue, and we owners did not have to give up control. This is the third time – in 3 different corporate situations – I’ve engaged Stefania to perform her magic of delivering more capital than I originally thought we could get for just a minority equity give-up.”
-Scott Johnson, President Silicon Valley company

“The highest valuation is not just a good idea, it’s an imperative. It’s a mathematical confirmation that you have found an investor who shares your passion and can see your future and is the right person to help you get where you want to go. That’s the kind of investor who will keep you in control of the company you want to build”.
- Stefania Aulicino, founder and president CapitalLinkUSA

Many entrepreneurs look back on their company's history and regret their ability to fully understand the complexities of their growth strategy as it related to their possibilities. As a result they underestimated the potential value of their business and made many uninformed choices. Don't become another statistic. Let us help you convert your growth potential into profitable reality--fueled with cash that wants you in control.

Email or call us to schedule an exploratory telephone consultation without charge or obligation.

Call Stefania on her personal line at (312) 951-6777.
Or, click here to contact her by email.

Testimonials about the Cash And Control System™

9 in 10 business owners suffice with a few hundred thousand dollars, or couple of million dollars or so of non-bank debt and non-VC equity.
Only 1 in 10 business owners require $3 million or more of professional VC equity to achieve their full growth and profit potential.

Most professionals are expert at only one or the other type of funding.
Stefania Aulicino is a unique growth strategist and funding expert in each, to ensure 10 of 10 business owners get what is best for you.

Building on decades of success, renowned for her unique ability in raising VC for clients who kept ownership control, Stefania applies the same success principles of the Cash And ControlTM System for smaller amounts of cash, guiding you to whichever funding option is most cost-effective for you.

Stefania is on a mission to eradicate the barriers between you and your vision.

The Turnkey Program is designed expressly for companies at your stage of take off!

Solutions offers multiple ways to work with Stefania.


Case Studies

As you view the case studies below of success with the most sophisticated and challenging venture capital community, rest assured these same Cash And Control principles work with non-VC resources as well.

Over the last 20 years, 95% of CapitalLinkUSA clients kept control of a much bigger, safer and more profitable future than they originally envisioned. CapitalLinkUSA has worked with hundreds of businesses in a wide range of industries including those in high tech, low tech, manufacturing and service.

Case Study #1: Technology Information Firm

Case Study #2: Medical Diagnostic Service Company

Case Study #3: High Tech Manufacturing Firm

Case Study #4: Labor-intensive Firm


Annual Revenue before capital raise

$4 million


Point of Sale automation for the construction industry


Capitalize on its strong market leadership position as well as its domain expertise

Amount Raised

$6 million - owners maintained majority ownership & control


Company is becoming an industry standard serving a $1 trillion market

Take-away Equity can be your cheapest form of funding when your future is bigger than your past. A $6 million raise for a company with $4 million in revenue, all for a minority stake, proves it.

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Annual Revenue before capital raise

$14 million


Medical diagnostics devices & service


Expand product line and geographic reach

Amount Raised

$6.06 million - includes $1 million in liquidity capital to founder, and $1 million liquidity capital to early investors - founder maintained equity ownership control.


Company is poised to be a nationally-branded market leader

Take-away You don’t need to sell your company to get some liquidity and reignite the entrepreneurial excitement of growth. As a young company, you had little to lose, so it was easy to jump at each new and exciting opportunity. As your company matures, you have more at stake, and more to lose with each decision. That’s why it's prudent to diversify your net worth.

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Annual Revenue before capital raise

$7 million


High-tech electronic component


Execute a global rollout of new product line

Amount Raised

$3.5 million - founder maintained majority ownership & control - follow-on round completed a year later at new valuation.


Revenue increased to $100 million within one year as a result of its new distributor network

Take-away This founder received 5 term sheets, all with different valuations - the highest was almost twice the value of the lowest. Instead of accepting any of the 5 he received, Stefania helped the founder create a 6th term sheet, combining the highest valuation and the best terms from all the offers. Then the founder invited the two investors he liked best to be part of a syndicate to participate in the firm's growth.

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Annual Revenue before capital raise

$3 million


Low tech parts manufacturer for the trucking industry


Expand and establish a national presence

Amount Raised

$10 million - $3 million in equity, $7 million in low cost state debt - founder maintained majority ownership & control - received follow-on investment one year later


$25 million in annual revenue within first year after funding, beating 5 year goal of $25 million in revenue

Take-away How does a company that gets turned down by the bank for $1 million raise $10 million and keep control? It can’t be based on the company’s past. Stefania helped this founder discover that there is currency in his passion.

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LISTEN to Stefania’s clients describer their experience

Brain Trust Link- You’ll be happy to know access to the Brain Trust™ Link is included in the Cash And Control System.

Brain Trust Testimonials

Testimonials about the Cash And Control System™

Learn more about The CapitalLinkUSA Difference

The predictable results of our proven process, the Cash And Control SystemTM are higher profit, lower risk, and enhanced shareholder value, in record time.

Sign our Invite List to be alerted to Stefania’s next speaking engagement or presentation. Stefania is a popular and educational speaker with a distinctive perspective not found elsewhere: cash and control- you can have both.

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