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ROE2 (Return on Energy and Equity)

An interactive program led by Stefania Aulicino for business builders applying the Cash And Control System. This mastermind program will make you economically self-sufficient and take your business to a new level of profitable growth without giving up control.

      "I recommend this program to anybody who wants to keep control of their company yet wants to take it to the next level and grow in a way that eliminates risk.
     "After just the first session, this program already helped us to secure dollars.”

Steven Andras President Grate Products
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What is the best outcome you could achieve if you could fuel your vision with the right resources to keep you in control? Imagine your company in 5 years:

  • Market leadership?
  • Industry innovator?
  • Enhanced profit margins?
  • Sophisticated management depth?
  • Personal satisfaction and rejuvenated entrepreneurial creativity?
  • Controlling ownership of a much bigger company?

Alternatively, picture what your company will look like in 5 years if you don’t get access to the resources you need to pursue your vision:

  • Loss of market leadership?
  • Commoditization and depressed profit?
  • Loss of your best people?
  • Tarnished reputation because you can't properly support customers
  • Entrepreneurial burn-out; struggling personally and professionally?

The difference between the best outcome, above, and the worst outcome is economic self-sufficiency which keeps you in control. Just imagine if your business strategy dictated your finance strategy- never the reverse. But, before you will be confident to take action between your two alternative futures, you will want to know the division of labor and the plan.

Based on more than 30 years of experience, as both a business owner like you, and a Wall Street banker, I offer you an intergrated process – The Cash And Control SystemTM. Not another way to waste time, rather, an energy source to move the promise of your future into the present. Your time is measured in hours not months, with predicable results measured in days not years. Imagine a time-tested and market-proven process where:

  • 5 and 10 year plans are accomplished in 2 or 3 years
  • owners are not held hostage to capital - and they keep control
  • your business strategy – not your banker- determines which opportunities are pursued

The Cash And Control System is a simple, predicable process. You will start with choosing which future to finance, securing the right resources to fuel your growth and end up with the cash-making machine you deserve, enhancing your shareholder wealth with profitable growth, faster safer than you ever thought possible.

Where else can you go to become economically self-sufficient, gain visionary clarity, objectivity and future-focused energy in the midst of managing day to day?

You deserve a higher ROE. How about ROE2 - a higher return on the energy and the equity you are already investing.  

Call Stefania Aulicino to see if ROE2 is right for you. 312/951-6777 

The ROE2 master-mind program is open exclusively to business owners who have a vision for expanding their business and want to practice economic self-sufficiency by applying the principles of the Cash and Control System. You will discover that:

  • The entrepreneur is the scarce resource - not the financing
  • Entrepreneurs do not have to give up control of their companies in order to secure resources to grow
  • It’s harder to successfully run a small business than it is to grow it into a big business.

Growth strategy and finance strategy are always related. Is your future being supported by the right combined strategy? This time-tested, proven Cash And Control System will empower you to:

  • Move the promise of YOUR future into the present.
  • Become a magnet for cash that wants you in control
  • Attract the right people who share your passion and will help you achieve your biggest vision
  • Pursue the best growth strategy possible to achieve exponentially higher revenue and profit
  • Lower the risk of accelerated growth
  • Generate the highest ROE (return on energy AND equity you are already investing!) increasing your personal wealth.

ROE2 celebrates and nurtures your commitment to create a future that would not exist unless you make it so. Converting growth potential into profitable reality takes attention today. That’s why the topic of the ROE2 is always your company’s profitable growth.




Check out what a few of the accomplished business owners who attended the most recent Program have to say about their experience by clicking the play button above



"This program has been absolutely fantastic because we focused on all the core ingredients of what's needed to get the company to the next level...We've got some action items that we'll be executing in the next 30 days and its going to be huge to us over the next 10 years."

Mark Hattas, President Geneca, IL

“I recommend this program to any entrepreneur who struggles day to day with how to fund their business and how to plan for their future because Stefania is able to make an entrepreneur think about what their business could be, what its potential is, and then how to actually go about reaching that in a very meaningful way."

Ray McMahon, President and founder of Grafech Engineering, IL

"This program is helping me think bigger than I’ve ever thought before-- thinking that's really different. We entrepreneurs are creating value; we just don't know how much value we actually have."

Dr. David Black, President Aegis Sciences Corp., TN

“I’m not held hostage to what I’m doing now. In this program, I learned to figure out what the best future is for my company and go that way.”

Danny Schnaars, Vice President Ameriglobe, LA

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Eliminate the barrier between you and your vision.

As Business Builders, we get to think about finance in an entirely different way than the rest of the world: our company’s future is our own unique currency because we have the ability to change the future. And when you can get credit for that future today you can attract all the cash and talent you need and keep control.

Where else can you go to NURTURE your entrepreneurial genius to take your company to its next level of profitable growth?

Where else can you go to DISCOVER funding sources that keep you in control?

Where else can you go to PRACTICE getting credit for your future today?

Where else can you go to EXERCISE applying your Optimum Growth Strategy to get the highest return on energy and equity?

That’s why we created the ROE2 (Return On Energy and Equity) were

each quarterly session is interactive, applying and practicing the contrarian principles of the Cash And Control System for each attendee to:

  • access “safe cash”, be economically self-sufficient and avoid becoming an equity junkie
  • attract top notch talent and other key resources at recessionary bargain prices
  • capture great opportunities while the competition is focused inward
  • grab market share and enhance profit margins,
  • achieve profitable growth, faster, safer… all economic environments.

 ROE2 Program Synopsis

Call Stefania Aulicino to see if ROE2 is right for you. 312/951-6777 



Over the last 20 years, 95% of Stefania’s clients have kept control of a bigger future and closed financing deals with better terms than previously offered.


Successful graduates of Stefania’s Cash and Control System

AFGBioSolutions, Inc.
Accent Marketing Services
Access Computer Products
Advanced Business Language
Advisys Inc.
Aegis Analytical Laboratories Inc.
Air Logic Power Systems
AllFresh Foods Inc.
Applied Light Technology
Asset Systems
AutomationSolutions International
Baker Installations
BHA Group
Communication Coil Company
Computer Teaching Corporation
Corbis Group, LLC
Digipress, SA
Door Distributors, Inc.
EA Group
Econometrics, Inc.
Effikal International Inc.
Entelligence Inc.
Emergent Computer Corp
Employers Resource
Executive Strategies Inc.
Express Direct
Field Marketing & Management
Gateway Systems Inc.
Global Plastic Sheeting, Inc.
Grafech Engineering

Gregg Laboratories, Inc.
Hemphill Productivity Institute
Industrial Devices Corporation
IntrinsicTechnologies, LLC
Jackmont Hospitality, Inc.
KeyPoint Technologies
KLS Group Services
Koerner Electric Motor
LandIntelligence USA
Landmark Industries
Lease Corp. Inc.
LeChef Bakery
LifeLast Inc.
Marine Power, Inc
Marketing Out-of-the-Box Medical Management Innovations
Microsource, Inc.
Motivair Corp.
National Logistics Corp.
Nelson Information Systems
Plus One Fitness Clinics
Point of Payment Systems
Polywheels Manufacturing
POP Marketing
Potomac Building Maintenance
Premisys Corp.
Protos, Inc.
Quality Assured Services
Rapid Media Net
Raymond Geddes, Inc.
Rouse Polymerics
Saftronics, Inc.
Samurai Business Group
Seltec Inc.
Sensor Technologies Inc.
Spartan Premiere Staffing
Stream Technology
Success Holding Corp.
Sunbelt Transformer
Supreme Lobster and Seafood
System Integrators, Inc
Technology Asset Management
The Quality Group
Tiburon Group
Trans Photonics
Triad Boilder
Trusted Supply Chain Partners
Unifi Communications Inc.
United Science Industries Universal Fabric Structures
Vision Manufacturing
Warner Robins Supply Company
Wellington Environmental
Wonder Wash - Wonder Lube
Young Rembrandts

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