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“Cash And Control offers plenty of insightful and practical advice to any entrepreneur who is serious about raising capital and successfully growing a business. Take advantage of Stefania’s extensive knowledge and history of working with entrepreneurs by reading this book.”

Joe Mansueto, Founder and CEO,
Morningstar, owner of Inc. and Fast Company


"Cash to grow is not enough if you don’t have control to pursue the right future for your company; ownership control to pursue the best future for your company is not enough if you don’t have all the cash to implement it. In her book, Cash AND Control- You Can Have Both, Aulicino breaks through conventional wisdom so business builders can fuel profitable growth in any economic environment- while retaining ownership control."

David Thomson, author
Blueprint to a Billion


“If more entrepreneurs took advantage of the process detailed in Cash And Control, they would liberate the business visionary within and venture capitalists would gladly follow.”

Alan Patricof, Co-founder,
Apax Partners, a Global Venture Capital firm


“Cash And Control is very entertaining, to the point, and also reflective of  Stefania’s lively personality. Truth be told, I did not expect to be so entertained by this type of book. Needless to say, I will recommend this book as well as its process to fellow business owners.”

Mike Gualario, Founder and CEO,
Sensor Technologies. an Inc. 500 company


“Stefania's wisdom is invaluable to any entrepreneur with a big vision for his or her future.”

Dan Sullivan, Founder and President,
The Strategic Coach, Inc.


“Stefania Aulicino combines a classic University of Chicago insight -- that financial capital is in ready supply relative to entrepreneurially-oriented human capital -- with practical advice to entrepreneurs who want to maintain control of the enterprises they create.”

Edward A. Snyder, Dean and
George Pratt Shultz Professor of Economics,
University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.


Your book, "Cash and Control: You Can Have Both" is exceptional. In fact, to date, after twenty years in business helping entrepreneurs with marketing, I have not seen a book that offers such a clear and logical path to getting financing and growing the right support team to take one's company to the next level. Bravo, Stefania. You've done it exceptionally well!

Melissa Giovagnoli
President Networlding and Author of The Chicago Entrepreneurs Sourcebook and Networlding.


“For much of her very active business career Stefania Aulicino has been closely involved with the process of connecting the financial and strategic sides of entrepreneurship and business building. She has collected many of the insights she has derived from this considerable experience in this book that many business builders are sure to find interesting and thought provoking.”

John P. Gould, Steven G. Rothmeier Professor and
Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, 
University of Chicago Graduate School of Business


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