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Let us tell you about our customized services if your Company has:
[over $30 million in revenue]

[under $3 million revenue]
[$3-30 million in revenue]

Many business owners at your level of growth begin to think about selling their company.

TO sell or NOT TO sell

“I want to get my company to $30 million in revenue so I can get the attention of buyers and sell it”;

“I want to get to $1 million in EBITDA so I can attract a larger universe of buyers.”

Why sell, just when you have built something really valuable
Why do all the hard work of building a company to get it to a critical stage of take off and give away all that upside?

Too many entrepreneurs operate from the perspective that you can only monetize value if you sell your company.
The alternative is to operate from the perspective that you can monetize your company’s value at will.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

What if you could get some personal liquidity
Keep ownership control
Get growth capital to pursue your vision of the company you really want?

After all, if you – the business visionary  – doesn’t grow your company to its full potential, WHO WILL?

But that does not mean you should put you, your family or stakeholders at risk today, for the promise of tomorrow.

How would you operate differently today if you could liberate your creativity without putting your family at risk each time you made an entrepreneurial decision? If a lack of personal liquidity (as a complement to abundant growth funding) is limiting your actions, consider putting our unique process, the Cash And Control SystemTM, to work for you.

Q Are you spending enough time today ensuring your future will be more profitable and safer than you past? If strategic transformation, leveraging your competitive distinction, is of interest, consider putting growth strategist and funding expert Stefania Aulicino to work for you.

Have you ever been disappointed by an expensive C-level hire? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a top notch executive team on fire to take your company where you know it can be? To round out your existing team with managers motivated by the opportunity to share in the value they help create (not the value you have created already), consider accessing our Brain Trust Link.  

Q Are you looking for a book from one business builder to another? Here are insights I learned during my 15 year sojourn as an undercover entrepreneur on Wall Street, plus over  20 years of applying those insights to give entrepreneurs the future they want in my book: Cash And Control- You Can Have Both.

Q Where can you go for fast, innovative, contrarian wisdom uniquely relevant to visionary business builders to regularly nurture your entrepreneurial genius and protect your confidence in all economic environments? Consider subscribing to our Blog.

A  If you have revenue over $30 million and prefer an entrepreneurial, business-owner approach versus a traditional investment banking approach, we understand your needs. We’ve worked with clients with revenue in excess of $100 million because we got them there, faster and safer than they ever thought possible.

Stefania Aulicino created CapitalLinkUSA as a resource for fellow business visionaries to share what she learned for herself.

Our mission is to deliver resources (cash, talent, and entrepreneural nourishment) that keep the owner-manager in control of the business you really want to build, while also protecting the early risk-taking family, friends and Angels investors who got you where you are. CapitalLinkUSA does not do change-of-control deals: we are growth specialists.

Contact Stefania Aulicino, President of CapitalLinkUSA. for a mind-opening exchange about your company and your goals. It's a chance for you to get a sense of her proven, yet contrarian, approach Together you can explore your best options.

Email or call us to schedule an exploratory telephone consultation without charge or obligation.

Call Stefania on her personal line at (312) 951-6777.
Or, click here to contact her by email.

Testimonials about the Cash And Control System™

Tap the Currency in your Passion

Running your company is not a job, it’s your passion. You want to make a difference in the world, not just work for the sake of work. But innovation and growth have its risks. When you began your company, it was easy to take each entrepreneurial gamble because you had less at risk relative to a huge upside. However, as you have grown, you have built a net worth and personal obligations. Concentration of your net worth in your growth company causes prudent business builders to be more cautious with each new risk-taking opportunity. Past success can insidiously cause a company’s future growth and appetite for new ideas to slow down.

Avoid the dilemma with a safety net

To avoid this dilemma, it's appropriate to take partial liquidity- as a safety net- for yourself as you continue to grow. Indeed, it’s healthy for you to take a few marbles off the table at successive growth stages- to tap the currency in your passion to continue to grow. This is in sharp contrast to what too many business builders do: they sell out because of insufficient resources to grow - typically just before the biggest payoff is achieved.

“Diversifying personal investment concentration in your growth company reinvigorates the life-sustaining innovation your company must build upon. Use the currency in your passion. Partial liquidity, in combination with the right growth capital, puts you in control of a perpetual profit-making machine.”
- Stefania Aulicino, founder and president of CapitalLinkUSA and the innovator of the Cash And Control System.

Learn more about The CapitalLinkUSA Difference The predictable results of our proven process, the Cash And Control SystemTM are higher profit, lower risk, and enhanced shareholder value in record time.

Email or call us to schedule an exploratory telephone consultation without charge or obligation.

Call Stefania on her personal line at (312) 951-6777.
Or, click here to contact her by email.

Sign our Invite List to be alerted to Stefania’s next speaking engagement or presentation. Stefania is a popular and educational speaker with a distinctive perspective not found elsewhere: cash and control- you can have both.

Stefania is on a mission to eradicate the barriers between you and your vision.

Her passion is your nurture entrepreneurial genius because she believes converting your growth potential into profitable reality is the best hope for a healthy, happy sustainable world.

The Turnkey Program is designed expressly for business visionaries like you!

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