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CapitalLinkUSA is not in the executive search business. Rather, The Brain Trust Link functions as a connection between a visionary entrepreneur and Talent who are attracted to those visionary goals and have the execution prowess to help a client company implement its strategy and achieve quantum leap goals.

Entrepreneurs in need of top notch talent,
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Executives with top-notch talent,
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Growth itself creates a management vacuum.

The Brain Trust™ is a resource pool of leadership talent with the skills and passion to resolve challenges of the future you want to create.

In the Brain Trust, people look at businesses just as investors do, and determine if they share your vision and goals for your company's products and place in the market.

  • Entrepreneurs know where they want to go, but not always how to get there.

  • Talented executives know exactly how to get there if they have a vision to lead them.

    It's a self selection process

    Brain Trust talent is only attracted by challenges they have the skills to resolve.

    These are not job seekers. Some have taken early retirement, sold a businesss, or are just searching for a more dynamic growth opportunity where their skills can truly make a difference.

    Wouldn't it be great if talented people would approach YOU, after they see how your passion and theirs are in complete alignment? Just imagine a team with the skills and the FIRE to build your business.

    What's unique about the Brain Trust Link?

    - Entrepreneur gets top notch talent, which is affordable, because Brain Trust talent is willing to be paid in part by the future they create, not what you have today.

    - Brain Trust talent gets to create more than a job - they get to design a dream job fit for their talents in a role that delivers professional and financial fulfillment. Their odds of success are extremely high.

    Here's how it works.

    Executives with 15-45 years of experience sign up for the Brain Trust Network, and are added to the talent base. Companies using the Cash and Control System™ have access to the Brain Trust Network to acquire the talent they need as they grow. The reverse is also true. Executives in the Brain Trust Network have access to the companies using the Cash and Control System™.


    All entrepreneurs in our Cash and Control System™ or the Catalyst Program get access to the Brain Trust™ Link.

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