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Over the last 20 years, 95% of Capital Link's clients have discovered a future much bigger, safer and more profitable than originally envisioned and closed financing deals with better terms than previously offered.

"Stefania's Cash and Control System™ helped me liberate the $100 million company that was previously trapped inside my $10 million company"
- Scott Johnson, President and Founder, AutomationSolutions of Colorado


"I perceived attracting resources for my growth would be hard. It wasn’t!"
- Wayne McFarland, President Landmark Industries of Illinois

"My original assumptions for realistic goals have more than doubled as this powerful tool enabled us to uncover our optimum business strategy."
- Randy Partin, Founder and CEO Motivair in Alabama

“This System marked the beginning of our change from a defensive mode company to an aggressive company that will plan to dominate our markets!”
- Dan Schnaars, founder and CEO of AmeriGlobe, Louisiana

"Before I had a vision as a concept. Now I have a vision as a game plan. This Cash And Control System takes me to the future out of our present."
- Jonathan Lau, President and Founder Le Chef Bakery of California

"I thought we were going to focus on how to improve the existing business. You showed us how to morph the entire company."
- Mike Gualario, founder and CEO Sensor Technologies Inc, Inc 500 company of New Jersey

"Without this feedback, I would have had no knowledge of the phenomenal opportunity I would have been leaving on the table. I know far more about my company, my industry and the investment market than I did just a few months ago--before taking advantage of The Cash And Control SystemTM--and like a stretched hat, my vision of our business will never return to the small size we used to be due to this experience."
- Fred Baker, Founder and CEO Baker Industries of Pennsylvania

Stefania’s background, experience and objectivity created questions that generated deep thinking and discussion that would not have normally taken place. Directly related to the Cash And Control System, we altered our business strategy to capitalize on what she helped us realize is what we do best."
- Liz Hubbard CEO of Effikal International Inc. of Michigan

"We knew our investors had set aside additional funds for future acquisitions or another growth phase. The benefit of our forward-focused communications paid off when they provided follow on capital even before we asked for it, to help us through a tough spot along the way."
- Wayne McFarland, CEO of Landmark Industries of Illinois

"CapitalLinkUSA was razor sharp in identifying our core business, and explaining how to focus our resources more effectively to reach our goals.
- Jim Van Eerden, Founder and CEO Stream Technology, NC

"I understand my business better and have a clearer sense of where I want and can take it."
- Jeff Glickman, founder and CEO TeraPlex of Illinois

"A life-changing process--- full of paradigm-shifting concepts. Why don't they teach this stuff in graduate school?"
- Dan Schnaars, Founder and President Ameri-Globe, Louisiana

"I have written business plans before, but I learned much more this time because of Capital Link's determined focus (based on the availability of resources they could access for me) because my 25 years in my industry (very valuable for operation purposes) becomes myopic for creating a business that essentially does not exist yet (the much larger business we are about to finance).Then CapitalLinkUSA managed over 20 investor visits in less than 3 weeks without a hitch. I had the entree and the endorsement from Capital Link that my story was worth the investors' time to listen."
- Fred Baker, Founder and CEO, Baker Corp. of Pennsylvania

"Instead of accepting any of the 5 investor term sheets we received, Capital Link helped us craft a 6th with the most favorable terms. We invited those investors we wanted to participate in our deal, and they accepted OUR term sheet."
- Scott Johnson, President, Industrial Devices Corporation, California

"Working with Capital LinkUSA seems to remind me of things about my own market that I did not know I knew! I felt that my company was simply floating, directionless, on the market waters. The Cash And Control System helped me to figure out which direction to paddle! Stefania directed the planning process much more effectively than we could have done for ourselves."
- Dan Schnaars, Founder and CEO AmeriGlobe of Louisiana

"Capital Link empowered our executive management/owners to act upon the unique vision of our enterprise. It helped us clarify for ourselves and then gave us the courage to collect the premium our value-added products and services deserve."
- Randall Maddox, Founder and CEO Sunbelt of Texas

“I don’t know anyone who works as hard for their clients as Stefania at Capital Link”.
- George Spencer, Managing Director Adams Street Partners, Chicago

“It was the best money I ever spent. The return is automatic and many fold.”
- Wayne McFarland, CEO of Landmark of Illinois

I now understand from the Cash And Control System that it’s not an issue of limited resources. If you are passionately committed to your vision, the dollars will follow. Vision is everything in this process. The biggest interest for these investors is in the future, based on your competency, energy, vision.
- Jonathan Lau, President and Founder Le Chef Bakery, CA

"Few would take on an assignment of this complexity and challenge. Fewer still would have positioned our opportunity as well. And, I doubt any would have put us face to face with as many partner-level representatives of over 25 private equity firms in such a short time."
- Scott Johnson, President Seltec California

"Stefania Aulicino of CapitalLinkUSA has the unique ability to distill industry jargon into easily understood terms. This is of great value in conveying the essence of our business into easily understood language."
- Michael R. Visnich, CEO of a 4 time Inc. 500 company, Florida

"The very first step of the Cash And Control System was an excellent exercise, forcing us to expand our thought process and the possibilities. It afforded us the opportunity to discuss growth and the means to achieve it. With Stefania, we did in 2 hours what we have not been able to do in 10 years."
- Randy Partin, President Motivair Corp. Alabama

"I am more excited about my business's potential today than ever before! The work we did with Stefania and the Cash And Control System will allow us to quickly build a profitable company to lead the industry into the 21st Century!"
- Randy Overfield, Founder & CEO EA Group, Florida

"The Cash And Control System is what we have needed for two years, better yet, from our inception. The focus and clarity of our direction is going to be powerful!"
- Morris Pettit, Founder & CEO, Expotel, WA

"Stefania’s keen insight into our business gave us the courage to collect the premium our value-added products and services deserve. Her Cash And Control System empowered our executive management/owners to act upon the unique value of our private enterprise which Stefania helped us clarify for ourselves
- Randall Maddox, founder and President, Sunbelt Transformer TX

"I uncovered an entirely new growth strategy and it is a much better future than the one to which I was originally heading: one which is safer, more profitable and a lot more exciting."
- Scott Johnson, Founder and CEO of AutomationSolutions, Inc. of Colorado


CURIOUS ABOUT THE Cash And Control Seminars and other Programs?

"I recommend this program to anybody who wants to keep control of their company yet wants to take it to the next level and grow in a way that they can eliminate risk."
- Steven Andras President and founder Grate Products, MA, Inc 500 entrepreneur

This seminar has been absolutely fantastic because we focused on all the core ingredients of what's needed to get the company to the next level...We've got some action items that we'll be executing in the next 30 days and its going to be huge to us over the next 10 years."
- Mark Hattas, President Geneca, IL

"For any founder/owner (this program) forces thinking that's different. We entrepreneurs are creating value; we have value; we just don't know how much value we actually have."
- Dr. David Black, President Aegis Sciences Corp., TN

"I recommend this program to any entrepreneur that struggles day to day with how to fund their business, how to plan for the future of what their business could be and then, how to actually go about reaching that potential in a very meaningful way."
- Ray McMahon, President and founder of Grafech Engineering, IL

“The Cash and Control System™ got me to think of perform like a “deal-maker CEO” rather than a top salesperson. Working through it, I’ve been able to integrate my background and purpose, define my financial needs, and clearly align with what my team needs.”

- Rob Stewart, Founder & CEO, The Quality Company

“I want you to know how much you've impacted our company and me personally. I knew we had something great, but it was the Cash and Control System™ program that helped us to catalyze our growth and profit potential. Now, I feel like I have a play book for the entire company. You're a great gift to the entrepreneurial world."
- Steve Satterwhite, Founder and President Entelligence

“I watched The Cash and Control System™ in action at 2 different companies I helped lead. Both times it delivered abundant cash from investors for just a minority stake, allowing us to accomplish a very aggressive vision. Now I'm using it for my own company. This Guided System is clearly the best way to get cash to realize your biggest dream and keep control.”
- Dave Cary, Founder & CEO, NewERA Schools

“When I was a young $4 million INC 500 company - I once had a potential investor ask me "Why can't you have $20 Million in revenues next year?" I was shocked he would ask this question. My answer was inadequate, and that was the end of that meeting. The Cash and Control System™ gave me the tools for an empowering relationship not just with these equity investors, but credit sources as well. It's not a game of give up anymore. Now it's a value exchange and I’m always a winner!”
- Seth Burns, Founder and CEO of Big Yank Sports

"All the funding I needed for a much bigger company—and it's still mine!!! That Cash and Control System™ is darn powerful."
- Nicholas Hertneck CEO and Founder, Piper Hertneck Design


CURIOUS ABOUT the Brain TrustTMLink?

"The process created by CapitalLinkUSA for raising capital and uncovering qualified management associates is the most unique and user-friendly of any I have seen."
- Robert Clements, founder and CEO Wonder Wash, WI

The Brain TrustTMLink… What a refreshing alternative to the executive search process."
- Randy Overfield, Founder & CEO, EA Group, FL

"I didn't really know I needed an exclusive network to find the right people for my business. If I knew even back then, I would not have had a clue as to where to look. The Brain Trust ™ Link introduced us to Rob, and now he is a very, very key member of our management team."
- Scott Johnson, CEO IDC, CA

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