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April 28, 2008


Q.   How does a business owner that got turned down
           for $1 million by the bank get $10 million...
               ...and keep control?
               ...and grow from $3.7 million to $28 million in
               less than 2 years?

A.     Use the Cash And Control System

Minding Your Business
By Ann Meyer | Special to the Tribune
April 28, 2008

“I learned that cash may be king, but control is the power,” he said [Wayne McFarland, serial entrepreneur , who has used Aulicino’s Cash And Control System for over 10 years]

...Entrepreneurs can have both cash and control by identifying investors who value their vision and passion,” said funding expert Stefania Aulicino, president to Chicago-based         

“Equity is the most precious asset entrepreneurs have. It’s the only asset that actually appreciates in value,” Aulicino says.

Pulling together capital alternatives from different sources can lessen the control issue. For example, businesses can negotiate advance payments in exchange for exclusive contracts, she said.

...when McFarland’s banker told him to forget about a $1 million bank loan for Landmark Industries, a small manufacturing company McFarland owned, he tried Aulicino’s approach. Together, he and Aulicino wrote Landmark’s corporate resume to increase the company’s valuation. In a few months’ time, Aulicino helped McFarland secure $3 million from investors, who took a small stake but opened the door to $7 million in bank financing.

McFarland grew Landmark from $3.7 million in revenue to $28 million [in less than 2 years]. He has used Aulicino’s value-added approach ever since, he said.

“The right investor, if selected correctly, will get out of the way,” McFarland said.