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The Reverse Resume™ Flow is a key process in the Growth Catalyst System™.

The process is composed of the following 6 steps:

Step 1 Self Selection 

You’ll have the opportunity to meet hard-to-find, ambitious Business Builders.

Big visions require resources.  The key is seeking out resources attracted by shared visions and goals. These Entrepreneurs have as much trouble finding you as you have finding them. Brain Trust Companies are enthusiastically awaiting your contact.

All the Entrepreneurs you will meet in the Brain TrustTM Link have been schooled in the Growth Catalyst System™, designed to build companies capable of sustained profitable growth, faster and safer.

The Brain Trust Link gives you access to a funnel of Corporate Resumes carefully crafted by the Entrepreneur to communicate the economic justification of their vision, for your consideration.

You will have access to a growing flow of Corporate Resumes during your 12 month membership.

Review Corporate Resumes and select the company that truly excites you.

Step 2 Introduction Letter

The Introduction Letter is an opportunity to crystallize what you really want in your next company relationship, based on what you do best.

In the process you will discover how to:

  • communicate your Unique Ability (what you love to do and do better than anyone else)
  • get others to see (and buy) the currency in your passion
  • position yourself with a glove-fit for your talents so you can create escalating personal wealth

I’ll coach you to get the most out of this process. You only get one chance to make an extraordinary first impression. As with all relationships, this must be a mutually attractive one.

I’ll forward your letter to your desired company.

This Introduction Letter is the door… to a new and exciting possibility.

Step 3 Conference call

I’ll facilitate a conference call between 2 interested parties, you and the CEO decision-maker, to address questions of both parties. The purpose of this call is to get an invitation to a face to face with the CEO decision-maker.

Step 4 Onsite Visit

Like an interview, except you are the interview-er! Typically half a day for you to meet the CEO and any team members you might want to include. so that you can:

    • add personality to the facts that sparked your initial interest in joining the team, and
    • refine what type of relationship would suit you best
    • come way with information you need as inputs
    • discuss initial thoughts about a Beta project, time frame and remuneration

In advance of your live meeting, I’ll play the role of surrogate CEO at this step, to help you prepare

Step 5 Custom Beta

In the software world, developers release early (beta) versions of their code to their most avid users. In exchange for the privileged early look at the program, the users test it on their own machines, in their own way, and find errors that the developer missed. Such beta-testing is essential to creative and robust software applications. That’s why I call this critical interim step a Beta.

It happens in software; it even happens in dating, when couples live together before getting married; but it’s rare in business. Rarely do you get this kind of opportunity- the opportunity to perform on-site value-creation due diligence from inside a company testing the full synergistic impact of your contribution. This Beta is the opportunity to build confidence in your best choice and to “take control” in the Reverse Resume Flow based on what you need to know.

I’m your advocate, your mentor, coaching you along the way. I’ll show you how to get the most out of this unusual Beta opportunity.

Step 6 Unique Relationship

Putting it all together, you become a Brain Trust Leader.

  • design a glove fit for your talents and resources

  • negotiate directly.

  • earn the highest return possible on your investment, in a win-win, sharing in a future upside you help create

  •  lower the risk of the situation, and set your company up to attract additional resources, both talent and capital, to leverage your own

Help build your own Fortune 500 Company …of tomorrow!

Ready to get into the middle of the opportunity flow? Click here to explore your options with the Brain Trust Link.

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